Distributed Systems Fundamentals Part 1 or: How I Learned To Start Worrying and Confront the Possibility of Message Loss

At Theorem, we approach problems by reasoning about them from first principles. To truly understand a problem and be confident about your solution, you must have a working understanding of the fundamental constructs and motivating logic behind what you’re doing. In this spirit, we’re releasing a blog series about the fundamentals of distributed systems. This post is the first of that series.

Decentralized Apps: Key concepts

Decentralized Apps (a.k.a Dapps) are something we’re very familiar with at Theorem. It’s been a strong theme of research for us over the last year and something we’re starting to write more and more about.

Switching the camera on an iPhone while recording

Not too long ago I was asked whether it was possible to continuously record a video while switching your camera from front to back on an iPhone. Neither the standard camera app or the standard camera control would allow this behaviour, but I suspected we may be able to do so with a custom solution.