Performance optimizations: Why, When and How

When developing software, there eventually comes a time when the team needs to start thinking about performance. Ideally this is done on a daily basis - most developers try to balance productivity, code readability and shipping features. But at some point of the life cycle of the application, the need to optimize for performance becomes evident.

What kind of toilet paper designer are you?

And so…I just moved back to Los Angeles from beautiful, friendly and surprisingly sunny Portland, Oregon. The Beaver state, go Ducks, Multnomah Falls, Ava Genes, Poler Outdoor Stuff, real public transportation, facial hair, beer and cocktail culture.

Mocking HTTP requests with HTTPretty

Today it is quite common to write applications that depend on third-party APIs, or even internal APIs, in this modularized digital world. But it makes testing tricky because dependency has an impact during the testing process:

Protecting a Python codebase

The very nature of Python makes the task of protecting the source code complicated. As an interpreted language, the source code must be available in some form in order to execute it.